Green Gloople
Universe Amorphous + game
Homeworld Unknown
Average Height 1 m
Diet Omnivorous
Intelligence Really low

The Green Glooples, known also simply as Glooples, are by far the most common as well as the simplest of the Gloople species. It is the first sign of a Gloople infestation. They are the workers of the Glooples: any small animal near a nest would be absorbed into their jelly-like body and digested, or taken away for a sure food source. Also, they absorb small obstacles, like small rocks, and take them away from the nest, to maintain its cleanliness or as a means of burrowing. However, the Green Glooples cannot absorb objects bigger than themselves, and they are blind and almost mindless: they are directed by the hive mind of the nest. Green Glooples are also subjected to a phenomenon called "reverse mitosis": while normal mitosis consent to an unicellular life form to split into two beings of the same species, the reversed mitosis let the Green Glooples able to unite themselves into an one, bigger Gloople, known as Oozle.

Unlike other types of Gloople, Green Glooples are nearly harmless in their natural state and have no means to harm a being as large as a Human as their membranes are only capable of absorbing significantly smaller objects, although they can bump into an individual and knock them off guard, which can be equally deadly should a more threatening caste be in the immediate vicinity. If two Glooples form into one Oozle, they also grow to a size large enough to consume a Human.

Glooples can be killed by a simple sword slice, which is the usual manner of taking down Gloople nests. They also pay little mind to an individual such as a Human, preferring to perform their own menial tasks.

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