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Gremlins are a race of small destructively-mischievous reptilian creatures. They are created when a Mogwai is allowed to consume food after midnight, causing the Mogwai to conceal itself in a cocoon and metamorphize into a Gremlin.

They're intelligent creatures, very capable of operating technology. Like the Mogwais, they're highly sensitive to light and reproduce asexually by means of spontaneously generating new Gremlins whenever they're exposed to water.


  • In the movies, it isn't explained where Mogwais came from or how Mr. Wing obtained them. The novelization reveals them as having been created by an alien scientist known as Mogturmen.
  • In the second film, one of the Gremlins consumes a "bat serum" from a science laboratory and mutates into a winged variety. Other Gremlins in the film likewise consume different substances that cause them to achieve new and mutated forms.

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