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Grief Bringers
Universe Warhammer 40,000 Universe
Founder / Leader Unknown
Homeworld Unknown
Fortress-Monastery Unknown
Colors Pea-Green with engraved chevrons of vibrant purple
Specialty Unknown
Battle Cry Unknown
Current Strength Unknown

The Grief Bringers are a chapter of Space Marines described as wearing armor that is "principally a sickly pea-green, with engrailed chevrons of headachey purple".

Inquisitor Torq Serpilian led the chapter to the world of Valhall II, where they suffered heavy losses while fighting against Krell Enslavers. The Inquisitor survived along with many of the chapter, and they accompanied him to another world, Delta Khomeini V, to track down a powerful young psyker. En route, Serpilian requisitioned the services of a band of Ogryns and a Squat engineer, in order to bolster the Marines' depleted numbers.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Grief Bringers were mentioned in the short story Warped Stars by Ian Watson within Deathwing, an anthology novel.

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