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MiB III Griffin

Griffin in his Human disguise.

Griffin is a friendly Arcanian (and the last member of the race) living undercover on the politically-neutral planet Earth since at least the 1960s, and an associate of the Men in Black. A being that exists on five dimensions and possesses a non-linear perspective of time; he is able to perceive every possible timeline forming from every possible arrangement of events created out of pure chance as well as of conscientious decisions. For every situation in which two or more outcomes are possible depending on any number of varieties, Griffin will be able to foresee each potential future that could sprout. He has complained about this ability on occasion, but also admitted admiring the beauty of it, as he observes chains of seemingly unconnected events leading to a grand conclusion. Griffin is also able to showcase future scenarios to others, using some telepathic ability. He also owned the ArkNet Shield, a technology necessary to protect the Earth from a Boglodite attack, which he handles to Agent K to launch it in the Apollo 11 mission on 1969. He was later seen in 2012, seemingly not aged a bit, although that hardly means anything considering that the humanoid appearance is unlikely to be his real form.


  • Men in Black III (First appearance)