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General Information
Homeworld Monster World
Habitat Large bodies of water
Height 2'-7' in diameter
Diet Bottom feeder
Sapience Level Semi-Sapient (presumed)
Language Unknown
Subspecies/Races None
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Troop Universe

The Grootslang is a large, aquatic monster with a serpentine body and an elephantine head.

Troop NotesEdit

A truly odd-looking creature, the Grootslang has an elephantine head and a long, serpentine body. It actually propels itself through the water using its massive ears. The Grootslang is a passive creature, but because of its alarming appearance, it must be captured and returned to its world.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Grootslangs are named after the mythological Grootslangs of African myth, which is also considered a cryptid.

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