General Information
Homeworld Grummel Homeworld
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Obsessed with making money and inventing
Status Least Concern (formerly near-extinct)
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ratchet & Clank Universe
Created by The current stock are all clones of Grummel One via cloning.

Grummels are squat, bipedal sapients.


Grummels are small squat beings with very small legs, green skin and oval shaped eyes that have a yellow gleam.

The entire species are all clones of one Grummel by the name of Grummel One, when the species was nearly rendered extinct years ago. While cloning has saved the species, it has also dumbed down the intelligence of the Grummels greatly. Despite this, GrummelNet technology (for the most part) is quite advanced.


Years ago, the Grummel Homeworld was destroyed in an unknown event, and Grummels numbers shrank until only a single individual remained, known as Grummel One. In attempt to prevent the species from going extinct, Grummel One cloned himself, and was able to successfully push the species away from possible extinct. Later on, the Grummels founded GrummelNet a massive cooperation specializing selling state of the art weapons along with a hodge pod of various other goods. While generally nomadic, a large number of Grummels have settled on planet Igliak, were GrummelNet headquarters is located within the confines of Meridian City.

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