No-Man's Land / Gunsmoke
Suns 2
Moons 5
Atmosphere Breathable
Climate Arid
Gravity Standard
Primary terrain Deserts, canyons
Native fauna Insects
Immigrated species Humans
Primary languages English
Government Federation of States
Major settlements The Seven Cities:
Behind the Scenes
Universe Trigun Universe
Creator Yasuhiro Nightow

No-Man's Land, mostly known as Gunsmoke, is the planet that serves as setting for the manga series Trigun.

The planet is located within a binary star system and is known to have at least five moons orbiting it.

History Edit

Not much is known about No Man's Land/Gunsmoke before the Project SEEDS ships crash landed on its surface. What is known is that several species of animals including sandworms and a group of sentient hive-minded insects (of which Zazie the Beast was part) lived on its desolate environments before "The Big Fall". 150 years prior to the series' beginning, Millions Knives (twin brother of fellow plant Vash the Stampede) caused a malfunction in the trajectory of Project SEEDS with the intent of crashing the fleet into the planet's surface. Thanks to the efforts of Rem Saverem, fragments of the fleet were able to make crash landings on the surface and survive impact, bringing humanity to the planet for the first time, quite by accident.

For the next 150 years humanity struggled to survive on the planet's desolate environment, utilizing plants found in the remnants of the crashed ships for resources such as food and water while building cities and towns around them. Over time what would become known as the Seven Cities were built, quickly becoming the major cultural and political hubs of Gunsmoke.

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