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The Gutretee were a race of hulking, crystalline humanoids native to the planet Isis. They were a primitive, single-sex, nomadic race that gains nourishment from the mineral deposits and other crystalline creatures on the planet. When Bail Organa arrived to make Isis a safeworld for the families of Old Republic supporters, some Gutretee tribes welcomed the humans. Other tribes hated off-worlders, and thus grew to dislike the Alliance, although they had no feelings for the Empire either. The Gutretee tribes were very aggressive, and physical combat had a large place in Gutretee ceremonies and rituals. The crystalline matrix of their bodies had two unique features. First, blaster fire simply bounces off of them. Second, the matrix of crystals within a Gutretee body contains all of their race's memories in exact detail. Thus, the Gutretee body was a huge data file.

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