The H'nemthe were a race of quadricornous reptiloids native to the planet H'nemthe, these humanoids were similar to Gotals in that they had cone-like appendages on top of their heads. That was where the resemblance ended, however. Where the average Gotal had just two cones, a H'nemthe had four conelets, most of which were shorter than those of a Gotal. The H'nemthe had blue-gray skin, and their faces were covered with three ridges of bone and skin running from their cheeks to their chins. They had graceful, beaklike noses and feathery eyelashes covering bright green eyes.

As a people, the H'nemthe - as they are sometimes called - were known to be artistic and passionate, and believed that spiritual fulfillness was the reward for creating life and finding true love. This seemed to be in stark contrast to their bizarre mating ritual, in which a female consummated her relationship with a male by eviscerating him with her tongue and leaving him for dead. It was believed that this ritual was a biological reaction to the existence of twenty males for every female on H'nemthe. To kill her chosen mate, the female H'nemthe used her silver, knife-shaped tongue to disembowel the male. This act, coupled with the fact that most matings were based on true love, meant that mating among H'nemthe was infrequent.

In general, the H'nemthe were not Force-sensitive, as were the Gotals. Their conelets were simply an evolutionary device that allowed the H'nemthe to locate food and water, and to analyze their environment for weather changes.

The government of the planet H'nemthe was democratic in nature, allowing any voice that wished to be heard the opportunity to speak. Most elected officials were female, despite the disparity in the population, because many males were unable to carry out their terms of office if they fell in love.

When the Empire subjugated their homeworld, many H'nemthe abandoned it. Many joined the Alliance, working from a base on Anoat to coordinate the shipping of supplies throughout the galaxy.

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