H-8 Global Defender
H-8 Fighter
General Information
  • Anti-Gravity Engines
  • Advanced Afterburner
  • Armaments Dual Underside Fuselage-Mounted Plasma Cannons
    Speed Exceed Speeds Over Mach 2
    Crew 1
    Species Origin Humans

    The H-8 Global Defender is a hybrid aerospace fighter that was developed by the Earth Space Defense. The fighter was first introduced in August 2014. The E.S.D. built it after successfully identifying anti-gravity components in the Attacker used in the War of 1996 granting the craft highly maneuverable VTOL abilities. Furthermore, the fighters are equipped with hybrid anti-gravity fusion drives that are used for rapid acceleration in space. The Global Defender is armed with two underwing rapid-fire blaster cannons similar to the Alien attacker. Moreover, the aircraft seems to have a built-in life support system integrated into the fighter which allows a pilot to breathe without the use of oxygen mask.

    The Global Defender was originally equipped with deflector shields. However, this drains energy from the fusion drive and creates more drag during atmospheric flight.[1]

    Specifications Edit

    The H-8 was designed for combat in both the air and in the vacuum of space. The vessel is equipped with advanced afterburners, however also comes fully equipped with a dual anti-gravity fusion drives mounted on the wings of the craft, enabling the fighter to hover in place and move faster in both the air and the vacuum of space. Unlike the previous fighters used by the militaries of the world, the H-8 comes equipped with highly-advanced fuselage mounted plasma cannons reverse-engineered from the Attackers used by the aliens. The weapons are in fact capable of destroying their fighters.

    Though it has not been shown, however it is possible that the fighter is outfitted with a reverse-engineered energy shield also from the Agile Fighters before them, giving the fighter protection against a great deal of damage. As far as speed is concerned, the H-8 is able to move and exceed mach 2, possibly mach 3 and can move far better than the fighters used in 1996.

    History Edit

    Post-War of 1996 Edit

    After the War of 1996, where humanity destroyed the alien attack force that nearly caused their extinction, humanity had begun studying the technology left behind. Once they had harnessed the use of their anti-gravity engines, plans were made to create a new fighter they could use in combat should the aliens return.

    11 years had gone by and by 2007, the first ever H-8 fighter was ready for field testing. Marine pilot Col. Steven Hiller, veteran of the 1996 war volunteered to test pilot the fighter. Unfortunately, Hiller had lost his life in the test, which caused the President Lucas Jacobs' administration to come under fire due to gross negligence. This was due to the fact that the project to create a working prototype was rushed before the craft was even ready, which also led Hiller's friend David Levinson to become the director the E.S.D to ensure such negligence didn't continue.

    Gallery Edit

    References Edit

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