HMS Churchill
HMS Churchill
General Information
Height 56.58 ft (17.25 m)
Length 122.17 ft (37.237 m)
Wingspan 78.06 ft (23.79 m)
Locomotion Nerva Engine
Armaments {{{armaments}}}

The HMS Churchill is a British space shuttle used by a joint American-British crew in the 1985 film Lifeforce.

Lifeforce (1985)Edit

The Churchill was sent on an extended flight to study Halley's Comet where they discovered a Derelict spacecraft within the comet. The ship's crew investigated the craft and found three Energy Vampires (2 Males and 1 Female). The Churchill headed back to Earth with bodies taken from the ship, however while returning, the vampires began draining energy from the crew, leaving only Col. Tom Carlsen alive. He attempted to cover-up the incident and destroyed the equipment before escaping in the ship's escape pod, landing in Texas.

The Columbia was sent up to investigate the Churchill only to find fried equipment, dead bodies and the vampires still in suspended animation inside of cases made of some kind of see though material like glass or cyrstal.


The Churchill was a British space shuttle with two long solar panel wings on it during it's maiden voyage to Halley's Comet. Those disappeared, possibly after finding the Derelict and returning to Earth. The ship was the first possessing a Nerva Engine, enabling constant acceleration and enabling Earth-type gravity aboard.

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