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Universe Warhammer 40,000 Universe
Founding Chapter Unknown
Founding Unknown
Chapter Master Nimrod Grudge
Homeworld Birmingham, the Black Planet
Fortress-Monastery Unknown
Colors Unknown
Specialty Boarding actions and planetary assaults
Battle Cry Unknown
Current Strength Unknown

The Harbingers are a chapter of Space Marines of unstated origin.

Notable campaigns and engagements Edit

13th Black Crusade Edit

The Harbingers fielded eight companies against Chaos forces.

Scylla Incident Edit

An engagement taking place in the Gothic Sector, in which the chapter's battle barge, the Unrelenting Fury, intercepted the Ork-controlled space hulk Scylla and delivered a series of punishing salvos against it. The Unrelenting Fury suffered severe engine damage from repeated attack-craft attacks but was otherwise unharmed.

Last Defense of Piscina IV Edit

The Harbingers fought alongside the Dark Angels on the planet Piscina IV against the combined forces of Ork warlords Ghazghkull and Nazdreg. The fiercest fighting was at the Dark Angels' basilica.

Behind the ScenesEdit

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