Harrison also known as Captain Harrison was a human starship captain in the Starflight universe during the 33rd century AD. He was famous for his space Piracy.


Captain Harrison was a Space Pirate and was famous for having stolen the Eclipsoid also known as the focusing stone from the Velox race. He stashed away the artifact on a planet named New Scotland located in a region of space known as the Staff constellation. After the the Interstel captain visits New Scotland in the 45th Century the famous artifact is no where to be found but instead a artifact known as the Rod device gets found which helps make lasers stronger. This later turns out to be a clue as to where the Eclipsoid went, as the Eclipsoid is later found in Gazurtoid space and the Gazurtoid ships are weak against lasers. unfortunately once the Interstel captain travels to find the eclipsoid and gets it there is no ruins at the site. and because there is no ruins at the site there's no explanation as to how this artifact traveled from New Scotland to Gazurtoid space making the historical records on Harrison very incomplete.  

Due to historical records on Harrison by the 45th century being very sketchy it also remains unclear on how he died or if he was ever punished from having stolen the Ecilpsoid from the Velox. But what is known is that dispite this incident the Velox did continue to help the Old Empire with continuing their war against the Numlox and Phlegmak. However about 100 or 200 years after this incident the Velox did eventually come to dislike the Old Empire. Fortunately for the old empire there civilization ended with their sun called Sol going nova in the year 3478 CE so the Velox never had to go to war with the Humans, but unfortunately the Velox also continue to beilive that the Old Empire is somewhere to be found in space even though there not, but regardless the Velox do continued to dislike the Old Empire even into the 47th Century CE. However later on in the 47th Century CE the Velox eventually reconciled with the Old Empire and all other Humans. After the Human Arthling captain from the Planet Arth eventually find the way to destroy the Crystal planet and save the Milky Way Galaxy the Velox go back to being on the same team as the Humans.  

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