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Alien Queen
Independence day mother
General Information
Diet Planetary resources
Behavior Hostile, nomadic
Behind the Scenes
Universe Independence Day

The Harvester Queen is the ruler and matriarch of the Harvester hive, and commands in her own personal ship, attached to the center of the Harvester Mothership. The Queen from the first 2 films dictates completes control over her motherships, and represents the will and consciousness of her swarm.

A Queen was radioactively mentioned as being behind the events of Independence Day, and serves as the primary antagonist in Independence Day: Resurgence.

Information Edit

In a clip of the upcoming movie, President Whitmore enters an alien holding cell. The alien inside uses Whitmore to speak via telepathy, and states "she has arrived" upon the new alien fleets arrival on Earth. In another trailer for the movie, the Alien Queen can be seen attacking ground forces at Area 51 and out in the Utah Salt Flats. It is unknown if she is the Queen of the alien species, or if she is a variant of alien, like the Xenomorph Queen in Aliens.

Appearance Edit

As well, the Queen wears a biosuit protecting her body, but unlike the other Aliens, she stands much taller. She also wears a vest that grants her own personal force field.

History Edit

War of 2016 Edit

The Queen came to planet earth in a much bigger ship than the one seen in 1996. She led the attack force that attacked earth and was the key to their success (without here the aliens could not operate). The ship touched down in the Atlantic destroying many cities on the way and began drilling though to get to the Earths core which the aliens planned to steal causing earth to lose it's atmosphere and end all life on Earth. However when The Sphere was accidentally activated by The Humans she detected this and came to personally get the Sphere as it was the last one. The Humans then came up with a plan to use a fake Sphere and lure her to the wrong place and kill her. President Whitmore carried the fake Sphere and arrived in her ship and blew it up. However because of her personal shield she survived and went to get the sphere. Her shield was destroyed by president Whitmores daughter and then other members of the airforce used harvester ships to finnish her off, destroying her biosuit causing her to die. The harvesters then retreated.

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Alien Queen (ID4)

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