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Haven-class medical station, more commonly known as the Republic medical station, was a model of space station used by the Galactic Republic as space medcenters during the Clone Wars. Twenty in all were commissioned for the Grand Army of the Republic, one for each of its Sector Armies. They were each capable of treating nearly 80,000 patients.


The typical station had a reactor slung underneath, port entrances for Pelta-class medical frigates, and eight main medical bays. The stations were highly vulnerable and were dependent on other spacecraft to aid in fending off attackers.


These stations served as a lifeline for clone troopers, being placed near battlefields to service groups of medical frigates bringing in the wounded. The first such station, the Kaliida Shoals Medical Center, was created near the Kaliida Nebula. The Republic then commissioned nineteen more stations, one each for its twenty Sector Armies.[1] Besides the Kaliida Shoals Medcenter, stations were established in the Felucia system and near Ord Cestus.

Known stationsEdit

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