Heat Delirium is a debilitating though non-fatal affliction that affects Sebaceans. If untreated it progresses to a state called the Living Death.


Because Sebaceans lack the ability to tolerate high temperatures the cells in their body quickly overheat in the brain.


The symptoms of Heat Delrium include:

  • Disorientation
  • Lethargy
  • Weakness
  • Loss of short term memory

The Living DeathEdit

If left untreated the brain will overheat to the point of shuting down higher brain function and causing irreparable damage—effectively addling the brain in a manner exactly similar to what can happen should a Human brain reach the general 108 degrees fahrenheit that is considered deadly to them (although true Human body temperatures fluctuate some). The victim is left in a permanently vegetative state as a result. In such cases it is considered a mercy by the Peacekeepers to execute those suffering the affliction by this point.

Treatment Edit

Heat Delrium is easily treated provided it is caught in time. Exposing the victim to a colder environment will stabilize the victim and result in complete recovery.

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