Hebrew Spirit Science
General Information
Scientific name Unknown (in-universe)

Homo sapiens sapiens (in real life)

Homeworld Unknown
Body Type Human
Height Human-like
Weight Human-like
Skin Colors Purple
Locomotion Bipedal walking


Diet Omnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Human-like
Language Hebrew
Status Extant
Behind the Scenes
Universe Spirit Science
Created by Jordan Duchnycz

Hebrews are a sapient, extraterrestrial race from the future in Spirit Science, first featured in the Human History movie.[1]

Biology Edit

In Spirit Science, Hebrews are externally indistinguishable from humans, though they are endowed with certain mental capabilities that humans inherently lacked in the past.

In real life, they are in fact humans, an ethnic group to be precise.

In-universe history Edit

Hebrews arrived at Atlantis millennia ago, from an unknown off-planet location in the future. Why they left their original location is unknown.

They are said to be like "a fifth-grader who didn't pass and had to do it again", though it is never clarified what this means.

The Hebrews were good at mathematics, more specifically geometry, and taught a great deal of it to the Atlanteans.

Throughout the first part of the movie, it is speculated that the motivations behind the events of the book of Exodus is that Moses wanted to free his people because they were not descendants of humans.

Furthermore, it is also speculated that it was a Hebrew ascended master who spoke to Moses as a burning bush on Mount Horeb, and not the god Yahweh.

Powers and abilities Edit

  • Levitation - A Hebrew is depicted floating in the sky.
  • Mathematics - Their knowledge about geometry benefitted the Atlanteans.
  • Occult knowledge - Both the Merkaba and the Kabbalah are magical symbols rather than religious ones.
  • Space travel - They came from off-planet in-universe.
  • Time travel - Their home is in the future.

References Edit

  1. Rise of Atlantis at the Spirit Science YouTube channel.

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