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There are various alien species known as Hellhounds found throughout media, usually seen as canid creatures with frightening or demonic visages. Out of these, most are seen in fantasy-themed media based on other planets. Included amongst these species are:

  • Hellhound, from Chronicles of Riddick from the planet Kantor Boralis;
  • Hellhound, a species from Guild Wars and seen on the planet Tyria;
  • Hellhound, a sapient hostile species from Cosmic Engineers, by Clifford D. Simak;
  • Hell Hound, demonic species found on Enroth in Heroes of Might and Magic III;
  • Hell Hound, demonic species found in Heroes games following Heroes of Might and Magic V, from the planet Ashan;
  • Hell-hound, also known as a Predator Hound, a species used by the Yautja as a sort of pack hound and seen in Predators, likely from Yautja Prime;
  • Hell Hound, a species from Rift from the planet Telara;
  • Hell Hound, a species from RuneScape and its world of Gielinor;
  • Hell Hound, also known as Flame Hounds or Charhounds, a species of elemental creatures seen in the Warcraft series, originating in the Firelands

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