The Highbreed Commander is usually the one to fight Ben. While they have not shown any unique powers as of yet, they have remarkable physical prowess; a Highbreed Commander (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) easily overpowers Humongousaur. This Highbreed is a rather tall humanoid being with white skin with four eye-like marks on their torsos, black hands and feet, and purple faces with four red eyes and no distinguishable mouths. He usually insults Ben by calling him a "filth" or "scum" and when Ben bit him, he would say that Ben had infected him. He serves the Highbreed Leader. The Highbreed Commander uses DNAliens to do his work. His first appearance was in Ben 10 Returns (2). His second appearance was in Max Out. The Highbreed Commander has only made two appearance in Ben 10 Alien Force.

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