Hiruko is a Shofixti female who is charged with managing the

settlement and the rebuilding efforts on the planet New Kyabetsu. Her work requires her not to belong to any of the dynasties, otherwise other dynasties could accuse her of representing her family instead of the entire race. Because of her position as an independent female,

This is a picture of Hiruku.

she don't have any value as a mother, and therefore forbidden to carry babies. Nevertheless she is respected by males, and only responds to the Shoguns. Because of the various ways Shofixti society restricts female freedom, Hiruko being versed in various alien cultures tends to despise males generally and views history through such a lens.

Hiruko's JobEdit

seemingly impossible to accomplish. She has to build up Shofixti civilization again, but that requires none less than the revival of Kyabetsu's ecosystem, while in the meantime her race is dying. She sent out several Scout patrols -- three of which didn't return -- to search for new lifeforms in this scientific endeavour, and to seek out civilizations that might have the terraforming knowledge the Alliance doesn't possess. To prove that he's not just a worthless male, the

Game hintsEdit

Captain has to deliver the Genesis Device to her. There are two possible results:

  • In case she gets the device in time, the

Shofixti race can flourish again and Hiruko can grant the aid of the Shoguns -- which means cheaper crew again, and Scout vessels build-able at the Yehat-Pkunk Starbase.

  • In case the Captain can't solve

the Shofixti case, the settlement will decline completely and the rest of the Shofixti patrols will be coerced by the Lurg to aid them in the last battle. The Yehat will fall into mourning and even if the Captain succeeded in helping them, the benefits of the Yehat alliance won't be accessible in the end.

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