Ho'than'shi II
Ho'than'shi II
Biography Information
Alias King Udabo
Homeworld To'ul'h Prime
Hometown Kaze'hntis region
Species To'ul'h
Sapience Sapient
Gender Male
Hair Color None
Eye Color None
Diet Omnivore
Family Ho'than'shi (grandfather)

Bash'tho (father)

Bash'tho II (older brother)

'Shal'tha (wife)

Cholssa (son)

Occupation King
Interests Fiction, art
Personality Passionate, art-lover, temperamental
Affiliation Gla'shoo'ath (To'ul'h culture)
Status Deceased
Behind the Scenes
Universe Orion's Arm
Created by James Rogers

King Ho'than'shi II was a To'ul'h leader who ruled the culture of Gla'shoo'ath on the planet To'ul'h Prime around 37,500 years before humans first set foot on the Moon in the Orion's Arm universe.[1]

Biography Edit

Ho'than'shi II was born to King Bash'tho the Great and an unnamed mother in an unespecified date around 35,500 BCE. He was second eldest surviving child of the forementioned couple.

While his brother Bash'tho II was declared king, he died from disease just a day after the coronation, hence historians call him the "One-Day King". The unnamed disease also killed a sister of Ho'than'shi II.

With the new circumstances, Ho'than'shi II became king of Gla'shoo'ath. This might not have been that great for him, since he liked arts and literature more than politics.

Shortly after assuming the role of his brother, Ho'than'shi II was demanded to select a bride. He soon found 'Shal'tha, a To'ul'h female that shared his passion for the arts. She was three years older than him and found him charming.

Their wedding ceremony consisted of a congregation reciting the Chant of Love and drinking copious amonts of sponge-wine. Ho'than'shi II was deeply in love with his wife, writing poems about her while being submerged in a state of neverending bliss. Some people from his circle suspected that drugs were behind this behavior, but when they asked him, he would only blame love for his joy.

Some time after their wedding, 'Shal'tha gave birth to their son, Cholssa. When their offspring was just a year old, the couple decided to embark in a long journey. Unfortunately, they were caught in one of the infamous steam hurricanes at one point, which fatally wounded 'Shal'tha. Cholssa was not with them apparently.

The Royal Guards found both and brought them back to their home. Probably on the verge of an anxiety attack, Ho'than'shi II demanded medical attention for 'Shal'tha, but it was too late. Her funeral consisted of eating her corpse, but to everyone's surprise, the widower king objected, wanting her to be buried in the plot reserved for him instead. When her mother calmingly asked him to change his mind, Ho'than'shi II threatened to execute her.

Some days after her wife passed away, Ho'than'shi II became isolated and consumed very little food or drink. A local week after her death, Ho'than'shi II confessed that he had been suffering nightmares about 'Shal'tha agonizing to his close friends. They convinced him that a Gla'shoo'ath demon known as 'Fash was behind his torment, and a high priest ordered him to consume four Jul'shos (a local mushroom) and stay awake for three days.

The high priest's recommendation did not work, so Ho'than'shi II ordered his execution. In complete desperation, the king ordered his own head to be drilled open after consuming painkiller plant-infusion, so that 'Shal'tha's spirit could go to the Underworld (their equivalent of a heavenly afterlife). He went to sleep after that, but he did not scream or twitch, resting in peace at last. Predictably, Ho'than'shi II died of blood loss mere hours after the procedure had taken place.

As a result, his then orphaned son Cholssa became king with the age of one local year (around 400 Earth days).

Family tree Edit

Ho'than'shi II belonged to a royal To'ul'h family.

Ho'than'shi II family tree

Notes Edit

  • Ho'than'shi II is the first individual To'ul'h to be illustrated by the creators of Orion's Arm.
  • He is further evidence that To'ul'hs do not appear to use surnames, but titles instead.
  • His existence implies that To'ul'hs had monarchy.
  • The coronation of his infant son implies that To'ul'hs could allow an underage to hold a political title, like Ancient Egyptians on Earth.
  • He is the second extraterrestrial politician to make an appearence in Orion's Arm, with the first one a To'ul'h male named Ho'th'hss'lho.[2]
  • Other rulers of the Gla'sho'ath kingdom are Blo'falda the Elder and Blo'falda the Younger.[3] Though they may be related to Ho'than'shi II, and indeed be contemporary relatives to him (since Encyclopedia Galactica states that the three lived around 37,500 BT), it is unknown if Ho'than'shi II is their ancestor or descendant.
  • His reign was apparently uneventful, since Encyclopedia Galactica never refers to any wars, negotiations or travels for reasons other than leisure that Ho'than'shi II took part in.
  • He has at least murdered one individual, a To'ul'h high priest.
  • Strangely, despite To'ul'hs are drawn with and said to have 8 digits,[4] Ho'than'shi II only shows 5 in his portrait. It may just be a mistake of his illustrator though.
  • Furthermore, all To'ul'hs are also said to be jet black,[4] yet Ho'than'shi II has a reddish hue.

References Edit

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