The Ho'Din are a race of reptiloids with snakelike head appendages. They have a lilting, singsong language punctuated by movements of their head appendages. Native to the planet Moltok, these gentle humanoids are known for their ability to treat illnesses and disease using natural methods, rather than technology.

The word "Ho'Din" means "walking flower," a reference to their unusual head appendages. The Ho'Din can grow to be 3 meters tall and, like the Ithorians, they worship nature and have established laws which prevent the destruction of their environment. Cold-blooded in nature, the Ho'Din have two hearts, which pump green blood. The appendages on their heads are actually temperature-sensitive, and allow the Ho'Din to monitor the ambient temperature and maintain body heat. Their hands have four thick fingers, and a small webbing between them indicates the Ho'Din's amphibious ancestry.

As a species, the Ho'Din are recent additions to the galaxy, descending from arboreal creatures about 300 years before the Galactic Civil War. In their rush to make room for an increasing population and evolving technology, the Ho'Din cleared much of the surface of Moltok in what is now referred to as the "great rape of the land." This led to a virulent epidemic that decimated the species. Years of research led to an understanding of the disease, and brought to light a natural remedy that technology couldn't provide. This formed the basis of their medical knowledge, and the succeeding generations were taught about the dangers of technology and "progress."

The average lifespan of a Ho'Din is about 120 standard years. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, the Ho'Din were one of the few peoples to be spared the wide range of atrocities performed by the alien invaders, primarily because of their reverence of life and their distrust of technology.

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