The planet Hocotate, as seen from orbit.

Hocotate is a habitable planet seen in the Pikmin series of video games.

It is the home planet of the Hocotatian species, and is covered mostly by large deserts. Hocotate orbits a bright red star and possesses two large moons and two bisecting ring systems. It is likely that the Hocotatian atmosphere contains little to no oxygen as it is poisonous to the planet's inhabitants. The atmosphere is in fact so thin that stars are able to be seen in the sky during the day.


No details are ever mentioned about Hocotate's home star system, but it is seen to orbit a bright reddish-pink star. Whether or not this star is particularly bright is unknown, as countless stars can be seen from the planet's surface during the day. Hocotate possesses two beautiful bisecting ring systems and two large moons. The largest moon is a pale red colour and the smaller is a bluish purple.


From space the primary colour of Hocotate is a purplish red, indicating that it is covered mostly by large deserts. As the Hocotatians are a highly advanced race they have built large cities all over the planet. The planet also contains large quantities of water or some other liquid substance, as beaches and swamps are mentioned. Hot springs are also mentioned, indicating that the planet is geologically active. The Hocotatian sky is a very light blue with white clouds. Stars are visible during the day due to the planet's thin atmosphere. It is unknown what the atmosphere is composed of, but as oxygen is poisonous to Hocotatian life we can deduce that the atmosphere contains little to no oxygen.


Hocotate is home to a large variety of plants and animals, most notably the sapient Hocotatian species. Although little is actually seen of the planet's native wildlife we can safely assume that it has a completely different biochemistry to Earthen life due to its lack of dependence on oxygen. However, it is mentioned to have lifeforms that are actually quite similar, for example Captain Olimar's pet, Bulbie, is rather similar to the bulborbs on the Pikmin homeworld physically, although it acts very much like a dog. Other examples include the Hocotatian delicacy known as the pikpik carrot and mosquitoes. The Hocotatians themselves closely resemble Humans.



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Almost nothing is known of Hocotate's history. It is obviously quite long as the Hocotatians are a highly advanced species.

Society and CultureEdit

Hocotate has a culture similar to that of the Western world on Earth. The planet is known to be highly advanced, possessing such technologies as interstellar travel, the ability to generate an endless amount of energy and weaponry capable of destroying stars themselves. However, they seem to be unfamiliar with the technology behind common light bulbs and matches, and it is unknown what the lights attached to Olimar's ship(s) actually are.

Hocotatian society is highly commercialised, with large sectors devoted to handling the economy (the planet's monetary unit is the poko, which are small gold coins) and the manufacturing industries. They have a profound interest in strange or foreign objects, which is enhanced also by their small size; what we consider to be a useless doll shoe, they see as an extraordinary treasure.

Throughout Olimar's notes, he repeatedly mentions "space pirates," listing them as a serious threat. So serious, in fact, that Olimar purchased a star destroying weapon as a deterrent. Because of the Pikmin connection to other Nintendo Universes (such as Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Super Smash Bros) it is possible that these pirates are the same as those in Metroid. As of now, it is unknown whether the Hocotanians have any connection to the Galactic Federation.

Probably because of their predominantly arid planet, those who possess flora of any kind seem to gain a certain measure of power.

It is unknown how the Hocotatian government works, but a Mayor of Hocotate is mentioned by Olimar in his notes. One could argue this indicates a very large government, if a single planet or system is overseen by a single mayor.


  • The name 'Hocotate' is a reference to the address of Nintendo of Japan: 11-1 Kamitoba-hokotate-cho.

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