The HoloPox Unit is a device created by Orthopox. It serves as a hologram projector through which Pox and Cryptosporidium communicate.

Overview [1]Edit

Crypto carries the unit around with him. Whenever Pox is seen on it, only his head and cranial cords are visible. The original HoloPox unit had three metal beams spining around it as it floated. The new one floats without the aid of the spining beams and has three arms that allow Pox to pick up objects.

History [2]Edit

In Destroy All Humans!, Pox uses this hologram projector to keep in touch with Crypto on Earth while he stays in the Furon Mothership. In Destroy All Humans! 2, just before the Mothership is destroyed, Pox is able to download his brain into the holopod. He remains in his virtual state while he aides Crypto throughout the game, and also demonstrates an ability to talk with Crypto while inside the computer of his Saucer, which he stays in when not travelling around in his unit. Gastroenteritis, former janitor and cook on the Mothership, also manages to escape death when the Mothership blows up by downloading his mind into a holopod. He appears as a weapon in Crypto's arsenal that Crypto fires from a rifle. Gastro's holopod has a chain gun-like weapon fitted on it. When he runs out of ammo, Gastro self-destructs. In Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed, it is revealed that Crypto had bought the holopod some place 158 parsecs from Earth. In Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon, Pox is fitted with a new and upgraded HoloPox Unit. His mind becomes a bit off edge and "woozy" from being without a body for 15+ years. At that point, he just wants to get the DNA and go home to be re-cloned. He later gets a new body, mistakenly that of a Furon Monkey.

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