Hormagaunts are one of the most dangerous of Tyranid organisms in any Hive Fleet. Not because of their size or viciousness, but because they multiply out of control. When attacking a planet, Hormagaunts are seeded onto the target world by Mycetic Spores, large Tyranid shells that work like drop pods. They quickly reproduce and then rampage across the planet, killing anything they find. The Tyranid Hive Mind does not need to direct the Hormagaunts in their rampage as they will instinctively feed on anything they can find. This is due to the ravenous appetite that defines them from the moment they are spawned.


Scything Talons - Ridged, chitinous claws used by most melee-centric Tyranids. These are the main weapons of the Hormagaunts.

Toxic Sacks - Tick-like organisms that inject virulent toxins into the Tyranids. These toxin are in turn, secreted onto the Tyranid's claws. This is one of two optional biomorphs used by Hormagaunts.

Adrenal Glands - Adrenal Glands are found on many variants of front-line tyranids. The biomorph floods the creature with a host of chemicals and hormones which cause the Tyranid creature to enter a hyperactive state of frenzy.

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