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The hrumphs were powerful, thick-necked herbivores native to the Gungan Swamps of the Mid Rim planet Naboo, as well as the planet Aargonar.


Hrumphs received their name from the loud, deep, guttural sounds they produced. They had four long horns for defense and for the protection of their two long, sensitive ears. They were not choosy about their food, because they had a sharp beak for nipping tough xosha grass, which they knelt to reach, and the bark of hsuberry trees, tassler trees, and hydenock. Three to four meters long at the shoulders, hrumphs were quite large. Hrumphs had sparsely-haired hides and protective cartilaginous spines on their backs. They also had shaggy fetlocks to protect against nipping crustaceans.

Hrumphs were quite nearsighted and, with an irritable temperament, they never hesitated to charge. They were also good leapers, despite their bulk. Female hrumphs gave birth to one calf at a time. Herds defended young by encircling them and facing outward like a shield.


Hrumphs were also found on Aargonar and the Outer Rim planet where Darca Nyl met Samuel. They were used by the Gungans to populate Ohma-D'un as well. Like banthas, they would stand by cliffs to take advantage of the cool air wafting up from hidden caves. Using his knowledge of bantha behavior, A'Sharad Hett observed the hrumphs on Aargonar to find a cavern in which he and Anakin Skywalker could hide.


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