General Information
Homeworld Parallel Earth
Habitat Earth (currently)
Body Type Humanoid
Skin Colors Variable
Diet Omnivorous
Lifespan Immortal (some formerly)

200 years (formerly)

80 years (currently)

Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Variable
Language Varies


Subspecies/Races Unknown
Behind the Scenes
Universe Spirit Science
Created by Jordan Duchnycz

Humans are currently the dominant, tool-using intelligent species on planet Earth according to Spirit Science. Though looking sophisticated but ordinary creatures, all humans are actually endowed with psychic powers and origins that defy natural laws and modern scientific consensus.

Biology Edit

Anatomy and physiology Edit

A human being is a bipedal ape, though it is quite distinguished from the rest of the Hominidae due to its nervous system.

Brain functions are strictly lateralized, with an individual having predominance over one hemisphere or the other. Reason-driven individuals have a predominant left hemisphere, unlike emotion-driven individuals where the right hemisphere is dominant.[1] Rational people have more 'male energy' than emotional people with female energy.

Nevertheless, since the 1980s, there has been an increase in the births of children who are right-brained, and may have trouble learning at the left-brain-suited schools. They are also often diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, and their increase in numbers is due to higher expression rates of microcephalin and ASPM genes.[1]

Energy points known as chakras are located all along the spine, which both emit and absorb electromagnetic radiation.[2] There is no consensus as to how many chakras exist, giving arbitrary numbers of 7, 8 or 13. Nevertheless, if counted as 7, each chakra can be associated with a proper aspect of human nature and a gland.

Order Name Color Gland
1 Survival Red Adrenal
2 Interaction Orange Gonads
3 Power Yellow Pancreas
4 Love Green Thymus
5 Expression Blue Thyroid
6 Third eye Indigo Hypophysis
7 Crown Violet Epiphysis

Chakras are strongly implied to be physical eddies due to their direct interactions with light and the human body, and not the original Indian conception of spiritual energy points. Due to the strong interdependence of the three systems, 'disharmonic' chakras can harm the glands and organs they are associated with (an idea similar to vitalism[3]).

Medical science is simply unable to cure this. However, a human might be able to cure himself or herself through meditation, Reiki massage or having crystals nearby. Humans exhibit susceptibility to crystals, more specifically gemstones, akin to how Kryptonians are affected by Kryptonite, but in a beneficial way.[4] Gemstones emit an undetectable form of energy able to interact with the human physiology.

Evolutionary history Edit

In contrast with the out-of-Africa model, humans actually originated in an archipelago on the Pacific ocean known as Lemuria. Humans achieved anatomical and behavioral modernity hundreds of thousands of years before than modern paleontological consesus establishes. During those times, humans had high congnitive capabilities, being able to communicate telepathically.[5]

However, humans later acquired even higher cognition, shifting to a version of Earth in a parallel universe at higher dimensions and causing Lemuria to sink beneath the ocean. A Lemurian diaspora began later, and the human population scattered around the globe.

References Edit

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