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Hunter Ing

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Hunter Ing
Hunter Ing
Universe Metroid Universe
Homeworld Dark Aether
Average Height Unknown
Diet Carnivorous
Sentient Sapient

Hunter Ing are very powerful and dangerous Ing soldiers that appear when the Ing are severely threatened by invaders. They are prized by the Ing superiors, gifted with the privilege to possess powerful beings like the Pirate Commando.

Hunter Ing look like a mass of wiry tentacles, with the base ends wrapped around its shining core and the other ends used to strike enemies. Its main defense is its ability to become intangible, switching into a ghostly form at the split second before an attack hits it. When in this form, it is virtually invulnerable, as any attack will simply pass through it. Its other attacks include stabbing with its tentacles and attempting to possess its enemy in a similar manner to the Warrior Ing.

They are known to hunt Nightbarbs who travel in packs to scare them off.


  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (First appearance)

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