Chimera Hybrid

Hybrids are the back-bone of the Chimeran army. Former human beings infected with the Chimeran virus and then brought to a conversion center to undergo their transformation. After the human host is infected, they will go into a coma and their unconscious bodies will be carried by a Carrier Chimera to a conversion center. They are then wrapped in coccons, when the coccons hatch, the Hybrids are then fitted with a cooling pack. Due to the high metabolism of Chimera, they are able to heal from wounds remarkably quickly, but this also causes a major increase in body temperature. As a result, Hybrids need these cooling packs as they would overheat and die without them, literally cooking from the inside out.

Although agile, strong and savage, Hybrids typically rely on overwhelming numbers to achieve victory over the Chimera's enemies. Despite this, they have displayed expertise in learning and practising human military tactics.

Hybrids are typically lightly armoured and equipped with Bullseye rifles and Hedgehog grenades. However, they may sometimes be armed with Deadeye sniper rifles and Wildfire rocket launchers.
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