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The ibbot was a colorful avian creature native to the planet Drall. Sixty-eight varieties of ibbots existed, each specialized to fit in a particular niche of Drall ecology. They came in a wide range of sizes, ranging from the blue-breasted hover ibbot (wingspan 7 centimeters) to the Great Ibbot (wingspan 10 meters). Great Ibbots were used by the division of Drall police called the Wingriders. Many were herbivores that fed on algae that grew along the banks of the seas. Flame ibbots scraped algae off rocks along shore of the Boiling Sea. They were capable of squirting a jet of scalding waters at predators. A few, such as the yellowtail ibbot hawk and the crested arrow ibbot were predators. The Drall raised a domestic variety, the common (or brown) ibbot, to eat. It had a mild, slightly salty taste and could be prepared in numerous ways. When Drall sampled offworld food, they would often say, "it tastes like ibbot".


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