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Lieutenant Ilia is a female Deltan who served Starfleet as a navigator aboard the USS Enterprise in the late 23rd century. She was most notably involved in the incident involving the Enterprise 's encounter with V'ger, a former Earth probe which had been lost in deep space for decades before making contact with a civilization of artificial lifeforms which gave it intelligence and superior technology.

In search for its origins, V'ger headed towards Earth, but failed to recognize Humans as intelligent lifeforms, much less as its original creators. Ilia was presumably killed by V'ger and secretly replaced by an artificial copy containing all of her memories, which V'ger used to communicate with the carbon-based "units" that it assumed were infecting the Enterprise. At the end, the Ilia probe was merged back into V'ger, along with Human crewmember William Decker; who had volunteered himself to do so in order to help the artificial lifeform learn about and acquire some humanity, becoming a more refined being in the process. Unsure of their fate, Admiral Kirk opted to list both Decker and Ilia as "missing", rather than "killed", in the official reports.

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