Ilwrath Avengers have the devastating weapon of a Hellfire Blast, which can cause quite a bit of damage up close. Their special power is an Optical Cloaking Device that renders it invisible as well. They have a fair-sized crew, a very high thrust rate, a high turning speed and a very low cost to build during a full game.
Ilwrath Avenger

Picture of a Ilwrath Avenger.

Unfortunately their ships don’t have a lot of fuel, plus their refueling speed is only fair, so their attack time is rather limited. Another detriment is that their weapon is only good up close, as it not only has a small range, but it is also located in a “poor tactical position” (as it says in the ship’s database) by being in the front of the ship, as the Avenger can be attacked from a bit of a distance and/or from the side angle from an enemy who’s weapons have a much greater range than the Avenger. And with their speed being only fair, several Alliance ships (their enemy) can outrun them.

Ship statsEdit

  • Alignment: Ur-Quan Hierarchy
  • Crew size: Fair
  • Fuel amount: Low
  • Refueling speed: Fair
  • Thrust: Very high
  • Turning speed: High
  • Ship speed: Fair
  • Weapon range: Low
  • Weapon damage: Fair altogether, but high up close
  • Special power: Optical Cloaking Device
  • Cost to build (full game only): Very low

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