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Imperial Hawks
Universe Warhammer 40,000 Universe
Founding Chapter Unknown
Founding Unknown
Chapter Master Unknown
Homeworld Unknown
Fortress-Monastery Unknown
Colors Dark Crimson
Specialty Jump Pack assaults and Land Speeder squadrons.
Battle Cry Unknown
Current Strength Unknown

The Imperial Hawks are a chapter of Space Marines from an unknown founding. They specialize in high altitude assaults through the utilization of jump packs while supported by "squadron strength" Land Speeder squadrons. Their 4th Company possesses a Battle Barge known as the Carmine Talon.

Known Battles Edit

  • Battle of Samax IV: Samax IV was an Agri World whose Human inhabitants were just above the Iron Age on a technological scale. During this period it was invaded by Orks. By the time the Imperial Hawks were able to respond to the distress call, the last of the Human survivors were holding out within the walled city of Mallax. The Imperial Hawks 4th Company broke the siege of Mallax and in less than a week the Orks were in retreat.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Imperial Hawks were mentioned by name only in Xenocide on pages 113, 146, 202 and 210-211.

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