Imperial cargo ships were starships used by the Galactic Empire to transport military supplies.


The cargo ship model was based around a heavily modified Acclamator-class assault ship left over from the Clone Wars,[1] with additional thrusters and changed outer hull structure.[2] The ships sacrificed many of their weaponry emplacements to carry additional tons of cargo.


Following the end of hostilities between the Galactic Empire and the remaining Separatist Alliance, an amount of Acclamator-class vessels were modified to become cargo vessels and supply ships. This followed the Empire's policy of adapting and modifying equipment to suit the new post-war peacekeeping duties.[1]

Four of these ships were hijacked in 0 ABY by the Rebel Alliance during a convoy run, with the ships and their cargo confiscated by the Alliance. They were later destroyed in a battle with the Empire.

Behind the scenesEdit

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