The Imyni were a race of mantis-like insectoids from the Outer Rim planet Imynusoph.


They were encountered by hyperspace scouts in 3,694 BBY completing the route of the Hydian Way, of which Imynusoph was located at one terminus. The scout Freia Kallea had planned revenge on the Neimoidians Thoax and Farge Osaax, who had imprisoned her on a planet for six years, by luring them to the planet and its supposed vaults of treasures. The Imyni at first were peaceable, as they were during their attendance of a banquet at a great temple for the Neimoidians. Instead of being presented with riches, the Neimoidians were surprised of the appearance of Kallea, who ordered the Imyni to bind them. However, the Imyni began to attack all of the outworlders, even as a band of Gran and Dug thugs were summoned by the Neimoidians. Just as this occurred, a Brentaalian fleet led by Sival Brentioch emerged. A large battle ensued between the four parties, resulting in the destruction of the temple, though it is unclear how many Imyni survived.

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