Incursean Homeworld
Universe Ben 10 Universe
Galaxy Milky Way Galaxy
Notable Species Incursean

The Incursean's Homeworld was the home of Incursean's. It was accidently destroyed by a warrior using Ascalon.


The planet is mainly red with green and black marks.


At some point a civil war between the Incursean's erupted on this planet.

After eons of the war, a warrior (though not an Incursean), in an attempt to stop the war, stole Ascalon to try restore peace to the planet and unite the worlds people once again. But instead of uniting peace and its people as he had desired, the warrior was unable to harness control over Ascalon and had caused the destruction of his entire planet as a result, killing himself in process.

All that is left from the planet are asteroids. Despite the destruction of their planet, some of the Incursean's were somehow able to survive. |}

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