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General Information
Homeworld Daribo
Height Roughly Human
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Defiance

The Indogenes are one of the member races of the Votan.

Biology & AppearanceEdit

They have bright white skin and no visible hair follicles. Their heads are hairless and smooth; their external ears don't really protrude, smoothly merging with the rest of the head. They have hexagonal shaped irises, and their skin is covered in faint hexagon-shaped scales.


The most technologically advanced Votan race. As the most scientifically advanced Votan race, they have been upgraded with numerous genetic and cybernetic implants (which are often not externally visible). Culturally, they tend to be technical geniuses, scientists, and doctors.

Due to the high value they place on scientific knowledge, Indogenes are typically atheists. They cremate their dead, and store the ashes in hexagon-shaped boxes. The hexagon seems to have a lot of cultural significance to them, even their written language is based on hexagonal shapes.

Relations with Other RacesEdit

The Indogenes tend to get along well with all other Votan races. The Castithans, however, are something of an exception, as both races evolved on the same planet and each feels they are superior. However, Indogene-Castithan tensions are more along the lines of petty bickering than a deep-seated blood feud.


Due to their technical expertise, most Indogenes remained on the Ark fleet in orbit when the Votans first arrived at Earth. Thus the Indogenes' numbers were decimated when the Ark fleet was destroyed at the end of the Pale Wars. After the wars, the surviving Indogenes have one of the smallest populations of all Votan races.


Their language is known as Indojisnen, a polysynthetic language that allows them to express in a single word that others would require five or six.


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