This article is based on the breeds under The Swarm or Zerg of the StarCraft Universe. The Swarm are generally arthropods given their complex exoskeleton every different mutations or breeds. They are considered The Swarm for their rapid collective mutation and their type of expansion wherein they can only mutate and develop from the same spot of their Hatchery or their Queen’s nest.


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The Infestor is also a member of The Swarm but only appears in the second instalment of StarCraft, this a breed that can control other Zerg breeds through its neural parasitism. The concept of Infestor is believed to be derived from that of the Defiler in StarCraft I. This is possible given the abilities of enhanced support for the swarm (the same function a Defiler has).


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General Information
Homeworld Zerus
Height Not Determined
Diet Liquified Vespene Gas and processed mineral crystals, possibly carnivorous
Sapience Level Limited Sapience (all sapience from Queen of The Swarm)
Behind the Scenes
Universe StarCraft Universe

The Infestor’s exoskeleton resembles that of a caterpillar or a slug. This breed can burrow and move at the same time. Given its nature of support to the other Zerg breeds, its mind-control ability can enhance the attacking power putting them in rage. More importantly, it can devour infested Terran units and make them fight for The Swarm. More like a typical slug, the Infestor can move while burrowed and can attack enemy units from underground.


Neural Parasite-This ability allows the Infestor to control single enemy unit for a span of time

Fungal Infestation-A lot like that of Defiler’s ability, Plague, the Infestor can spit spores of fungi towards enemy units from underground.

Starcraft II - The Infestor (Zerg)04:29

Starcraft II - The Infestor (Zerg)

Infestor in battle

Starcraft 2 zerg infestor concept00:32

Starcraft 2 zerg infestor concept

Infestor concept


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