280px-Delta Halo

Installition 05,also known as to the Humans as Delta Halo,is one of the seven halo installitions that was made to stop the flood by wiping out all sentient life in a 46 light year radii.Like its brother,Alpha Halo,it supports earth like terrain ranging from temperate forest to swamps all the way up to the coniferous forests and tundras.

As of late 2552,it was both discovered by Humanity (the crew on board the UNSC Frigate "In Amber Clad") and the Covenant(everyone on board the Covenant Assault Carrier Solemn Penance)Both of them,surprised that they found another Halo Ring,landed on the surface.Master Chief and his ODST squad landed on a temperate hillview crawling with hostile forces.Sooner or later he makes his way up to an old Forerunner temple where he assinates the High Prophet of Regret,but at the same time the temple was glassed,knocking Chief into the water where he's found by a Gravemind hidden depp in the ring.In the meantime,Arbiter (Thell Vadamee) is sent by a Jirahalanae named Tartarus to retreive the Index that is nedded to activate the ring,as he fights through a Foreruner Quarantine Zone infested with Flood,as he battles to the Index before the Humans can reach it and keep them from activating the
ring. Once he's there he is confronted by Sgt.Johnson and Miranda Keyes but easily beats them and retrieves the Index,where he is betrayed by Tartarus and is pushed down a hole wher Gravemind awaits.Chief,by Gravemind,is sent to High Charity were the Great Schism was Going on(Since the Elites where mad that the Brutes got there position as Honour Guards since the Elites let the Prophet of Regret die,but then after hearing how Tartarus and

Ruins on Delta Halo

the Prophets betrayed the Arbiter,they rebelled and so the Covenant Separatist,Elites,Grunts,some Hunters,fought the Covenant Loyalists,Brutes,Jackals,some Hunters and Drones in what was called the Great Schism) to stop truth from using the Index.And Arbiter was sent to a coniferous forest on Halo where Tartarus was holding Miranda Keyes captive and so Arbiter fought through waves of Brutes with his Elite Brothers,when he got plans to use a Scarab to blast trhough the walls of the control room where he found 2 marines fighting brutes and inside the Scarab was Sgt.Johnson were they made a plan to stop Tartaurus.And at that very moment was when
300px-Control Room3

Halo's Control Center

Humanity joind forces with the Sangheili. As the Scarab blasted through the doors, he went in with Johnson where they foun Tartarus trying to make Keyes activate the ring,Arbiter soon found out Halo's true porpouse and that the Great Journey was a lie,and so he fought and killed Tartarus and quikly deactivated the ring.That was the battle of Installalation 05.Anyway,Delta Halo is mostly temperate and has several Flood Contaminnt Facilities.Its monitor is 2401 Penitect Tagnect,but as of 2552,he was captured by the Flood and went rampent.The ring also sustains life,such as birds,fishes,and even large mammals in the more foresty regions.It also has been able to naturally grow Earth like foods,like fruit.

A small canyon on Halo

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