The Inter Minorians are a spacefaring humanoid race with grayish-blue skin native to the planet Inter Minor, in a galaxy other than the Milky Way. Their species is divided in two castes, physically and socially distinct from each other.


The high ranking Officials are almost indistinguishable from Humans, except for the skin color and the fact that they appear to be all male and always bald. The low class Functionaries on the other hand have a more bestial appearance, with hairless skin, diamond-shaped flat noses, flap-like structures on their cheeks, and deeply set eyes.


Thousands of years ago, the Inter Minorian civilization suffered from a Great Plague carried by interstellar visitors. Ever since, they have been borderline xenophobic in matters concerning medical control of aliens visiting their homeworld.


  • Doctor Who season 10 - Carnival of the Monsters (1972)

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