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Universe Dinosaur Planet Universe
Region Unspecified
System Unspecified
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Breathable
Primary Terrain Bog
Notable Species To Be Announced

Ireta, also known by the nickname Dinosaur Planet, is a very interesting planet to set foot down upon. It appears to be a mass of anomalies - both in a biological as well as a geographical sense. It was surprising geographically because no ore could be found where mother lodes should have been struck, and lifeforms that appear to be place on the world by some outside source, indicated by two very different blood types - one that is iron-based like the life on Earth and another that is a pale viscous fluid.

An Exploratory and Evaluation Corps squadron under the Federated Sentient Planets sent the crew of the ARCT-10 to the planet to catalog both its flora and fauna as well as search for new energy sources.

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