The Iskalloni were a little-known race of cyborgs native to the planet Iskallon. What was known was that they were a humanoid race that implanted cybernetic devices to assist their strange physiology. These implants, however, were not perfect, and produced a toxic waste that was deadly to most carbon-based lifeforms. This toxic waste was also found in their heavy machinery, including starships and hyperdrives, which made cleaning an Iskalloni hyperdrive a perilous duty. Most Iskalloni had hairless, blue-tinted skin, a coloration that resulted from the addition of mutagen to their system. The mutagen allowed the Iskalloni to accept the bio-technical implants and survive. Their eyes were deeply recessed in their skulls, and had dark, black irises. The Iskalloni remained apart from the rest of the galaxy for several millennia, after several attempts to establish peaceful relations fell through. During the height of the New Order, the Iskalloni returned to known space, and made contact with Imperial agents. While the Empire thought it had gained a valuable ally, the Iskalloni showed no preference in enslaving humans, taking the Imperial agents as well as Alliance personnel in their initial attacks. The Iskalloni sought to enslave the entire human race, but couldn't determine the best place to begin their assault. Eventually, with the help of Wertram Farege, they captured a New Republic starship with the planetary coordinates of several major worlds, and launched their assault. However, the crew of the starship was able to disable the Iskalloni ship and strand the aliens in their own galaxy.

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