General Information
Body Type white lilies with tendrils
Locomotion floating on solar winds
Sapience Level sapient
Behavior childlike
Racial Abilities possession, containment of living beings in drawings and manifestation
Status LC
Behind the Scenes
Universe Doctor Who

An Isolus and Chloe Webber.

Isolus resemble white flowers with tendrils and are able to float. They are extremely empathetic creatures who travel in groups in space.


Infant Isolus are spores that travel through space in groups until they can reach adulthood. They physically resemble white lilies with tendrils. Isolus require strong emotions such as love to survive, which is why the Isolus travel in groups so that they can feed off the love from their siblings.

The young Isolus pass time through using some sort of ionic power where they create a separate dimension to play in. The ionic powers of the Isolus are able to transport animate and inanimate objects into the separate dimension and vice versa through drawings alone.


Isolus pod

Isolus pod

Isolus matures with its fellow Isolus companions through love and bonding. Love is deeply ingrained into their psyche such that when one Isolus was separated from its siblings, it quickly befriended a lonely human girl. The love of the little girl, however was not enough, hence through the manipulation of the Isolus, other children were kidnapped through the use of ionic power and transported to another dimension.


Isolus utilize heat-powered pods to travel through space. The pods seem to be able to detect a heat source and track it back by itself.


An Isolus got separated from its siblings after a solar flare and landed into Britain in 2012 a few days before the Olympics. It befriended a lonely girl, Chloe Webber, and allowed itself to be swallowed. Children from the city started to vanish as the Isolus required more friends. Rose Tyler, companion of The Doctor, found the missing space pod and recharged it using the Olympic Torch allowing the Isolus to finally leave the body of the girl to find its family again.

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