Jain Technology is a parasitic/symbiotic lifeform which activates in the presence of sentient beings.

General Information
Homeworld Specimens have been located across the Milky Way and Andromeda
Habitat Infinite
Locomotion Growth
Diet Literally anything
Lifespan Infinite
Sapience Level Debatable
Behavior Parasitic, uses advanced information warfare techniques
Language Ancient Jain
Species Origin Jain Military Science
Behind the Scenes
Universe Neal Asher's Polity
Created by Neal Asher

Developed by the Jain race as a superweapon, Jain Tech infects a host with an egg-likeJain Node. The Jain Node envelops the host body and takes over control of all systems in seconds, integrating itself into the victim's brain. The biophysicist Skellor documented the effects on his own body up until the transformation was complete. Once the node has fully integrated itself with the host, the host gains total knowledge and control of their own biological processes and structure. This often, but not always, leads to a power trip in the host, including extreme manifestations of megalomania and irresistible urges to mass homicide and domination, although it is not clear how much of that is "encouraged" by the viral fibers in the host brain.

The complete biochemical knowledge and radically expanded knowledge and intellect of the host allows radical modification of the host's body if provided sufficient resources, including but not limited to:

  • Natural, woodlike armor with strength exceeding that of ceramic steel
  • Heat resistance able to easily handle being less than a mile away from a nuclear explosion exceeding 1 megaton
  • Direct editing of genetic code
  • Growth of neural fibres capable of transport, construction, communication, mining, subatomic compound synthesis and defensive combat
  • Assimilation of any living carbon, arsenic or silicon-based being

This is offset by being inlaid with a number of traps for the host, including a timed trigger which will cause the Jain structure in the host body to slowly curl back into nodes ready to infect another, out of the control of the host. These Jain tumors will eventually kill the host. Severe mental degradation is caused by contact with the nodes, and if subsumed the host will succumb to total megalomaniacal egotism and attempt to kill everything in their path.

Jain technology has only ever been fully destroyed by usage of Contra-Terrene Devices (CTDs) or other antimatter weapons. Jain-infested or created creatures have been destroyed or incapaciated on multiple occasions through use of particle cannons and antiphoton weapons (APWs).

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