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James Rinaker is the current leader of the Global Alliance.


The head of the Global Alliance and the executive responsible for staging the Roswell Incident. Towards the end of the series, its revealed that the Rinaker in charge of the Alliance for the past fifty years was a Shadeon sub-commander named Wraith. He killed the real Rinaker in 1946 and replicated his DNA.

Due to the many breaches of Alloance seccurity, all commited by Rinaker, the double agent pinned the blame on Nick Logan as atraitor, pitting the Alliance among themselves. After his cover is blown, after soldiers from Area 51 discover the real James Rinaker's corpse, Wraith destroyed the Alliance HQ. He then assumds complete command of the Shadoen Multitude when Keel's ship is hit by a nuclear warhead. Wraith is killed when the Shadoen Multititude is wiped out by the EMP bomb.


Rinaker portrays himself a committed man in protecting humanity from the aliens among them and to preserving the secrecy of the Alliance—at any cost. Throughout the series Rinaker's agenda is to wipe out hostile alien factions and makes alliances with his enemies whenever it involved weakening another foe. However this served only to further divide and weaken the alien factions. Toward the end of the series it is revealed that he is actually a Shadoen double agent and subcommander named Wraith. Cold and heartless, he is a skilled manipulator and liar, playing others to fullfill his agendas.

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