Jango fett
A former soldier, Jango Fett was one of the finest Bounty Hunters in the galaxy. Shortly after the defeat of the Mandalorians at the Battle of Galidraan, Fett escaped the asteroid prison of Oovo IV, unlike many of his comrades. Only he and one other are known to have escaped; the other being Montross, a long time rival of his and the cause of death of his adoptive father Jaster Mereel at Korda IV.


Early Life Edit

After the death of his parents at an early age, Jango crossed paths with a Mandalorian soldier named Jaster Mereel, who took Fett under his wing and raised him.

Life as a Mandalorian Edit

Fett fought many battles whilst with the Mandalorians - taking over as leader after one of the Mandalorians, Montross, caused the death of Jaster - until their eventual destruction at the hands of the Jedi-led Death Watch. Fett managed to recover his iconic Mandalorian armor which he applied to great effect in his new profession.

Becoming a Clone Template Edit

Eventually he was hired by Count Dooku, under the alias of Tyranus (unknown to Fett, Tyrannus was the Jedi who helped defeat the Mandalorians), to eliminate the leader of the Bando Gora (a cult lead by a rogue Dark Jedi called Komari Vosa) who had taken over the death stick trade with their new, highly poisonous brand. Despite Fett's better judgement, he couldn't turn down the fantastical bounty of five million credits that Dooku posted.

Jango vs

Jango vs. Montross - Final Battle

Jango's final battle with Montross on the Moon of Bogden, with an alternate non-canon ending if the player loses. (The battle begins at 2:14)

After completing his mission (in which he met the Clawdite Zam Wessel and stole a prototype Fire Spray, later known as the Slave 1, from Oovo IV, as well as caused the destruction of both the prison and his original ship), he collected the bounty and was presented with another proposition by Dooku: in exchange for continual pay, he would be the template for a clone army on Kamino, which Jango accepted at the request that he have an unaltered clone for himself, whom he raised as his son and named Boba - following the last wish of Rozetta, a Toydarian who had helped Jango on his mission and had been killed by Montross.

Death and Legacy Edit

Ten years later and with turmoil in the galaxy, Fett was at the Battle of Geonosis, where he met his end in a confrontation with human Jedi Master Mace Windu and was decapitated. After the battle, his son Boba inherited his ship and armor and went off to follow his own career in bounty hunting, having been trained by his father.



Fett's Super Commando armor provided a small arsenal of gadgets. Among these were an I.D scanner in his helmet, whip cord, flame thrower, toxic darts, jet-pack, gauntlet mounted blades and a jet-pack-mounted missile launcher, not to mention his dual high-powered blaster pistols.

In the video game Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (which focused on Fett's hunt for Komari Vosa), he was also shown using thermal grenades, a sniper rifle and an alternate jetpack missle that would split into three seperate missiles - each seeking out a different target unless manually aimed.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Jango never was born a Mandalorian, but instead was raised by Mandalorians.
  • Jango Fett's armor was originally silver and red, but was later repainted blue when his armor was taken by the governor of Galidraan.