"Where shall we settle?" -Jarun Migrator upon being built

The Vasari Jarun is a colony ship that carries a large portion of the Vasari refugee population. While not as massive as the Jarrasul Evacuator, the Jarun has all of the equipment and personnel needed for planetary lockdown(the state of Vasari occupation/colonization on a planet).

Using Jarun Migrators: Like other Colony Ships, the Jarun is slow, weak and top priority targets for roving pirates and local militia, but essential for colonizing new planets when a Jarrasul is not available. Only possessing weak Pulse Guns, they should be escorted by several Ravastra Skirmishers and Junsurak Sentinels.

In the first Sins of a Solar Empire expansion, Entrenchment, the Jarun is able to build an Orkulus Starbase.


Class: Vasari Frigate, Colony Ship

Weapon: Pulse Gun

Strong Against: None

Weak Against: Well, everything!


Colonize: Sends transports carrying colonists and equipment to a planet to initiate Planetary Lockdown.

Construct Starbase: Builds an Orkulus Starbase, which supports and defends the colony it is built at.

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