180px-Jasad, Gul
Biography Information
Homeworld Cardassia Prime
Species Cardassian
Gender Male
Affiliation Cardassian Guard
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Trek Universe

Jasad was a Cardassian gul in the Cardassian Guard, Seventh Order. He commanded a Galor-class cruiser. In 2369, he led a group of three Cardassian warships to Deep Space 9 after Gul Dukat's starship had seemingly disappeared. Believing that Deep Space 9 had somehow destroyed Dukat's ship, Jasad opened fire on the station. Upon Dukat's return through the Bajoran wormhole, he ordered Jasad to stand down.

Appearances Edit

  • Deep Space Nine: "Emissary"

Notes Edit

  • Jasad was played by Joel Swetow.

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