Biography Information
Homeworld unknown
Species clone
Family none
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Wars Universe

Jax was a member of the Clone Youth Brigade aboard the Venator-class Star Destroyer Endurance. After he and the other clone cadets were given a briefing on battle ways, he offered Boba Fett, who was disguising himself as a clone named "Lucky", his assistance when the other clone youths were picking on him, but Fett insisted that he could handle himself. Jax agreed, stating that they were all in it together. As time went on, Jax befriended Boba Fett, unaware that Fett was secretly attempting to kill Mace Windu for the death of his father, infamous bounty hunter Jango Fett at the Battle of Geonosis, the first battle of the Clone Wars. He aided in the evacuation of the Endurance when the ships hall was damaged by Fett. Fett secretly damaged their escape pod so they would miss the rendezvous point and their pod was intercepted by Fett's bounty hunter accomplices: Bossk and Aurra Sing. Aurra Sing revealed Boba's true identity and Jax and the clones berated Boba for betraying them. Boba apologized for it and as Aurra ordered Boba to jettison the cadets into nowhere, Boba protested, saying the crew had nothing to do with his revenge against the Jedi and Windu, but Sing coldly ordered him to do it. Boba reluctantly agreed and jettisoned Jax and the clones into nowhere. Several minutes after they were jettisoned, they were rescued by Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, who took them in his starship. Jax still believed there was some good in Boba.

Appearances* Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "Death Trap" (First appearance)

Sources* The Clone Wars Episode Guide:

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