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Jovia XII
Universe Metroid Universe
Region Unknown
System Jovia System (Presumed)
Class Unknown
Atmosphere Unknown
Primary Terrain Unknown
Notable Species Shapeshifting Bioforms

Jovia XII is a little-studied planet and likely the twelfth planet in a system most likely called the Jovia System; in fact little else is known about the world except for that it is home to a species of shapeshifting biomorphs. Jovia XII is known for a special type of steel known simply as Jovian Steel, which the inhabitants produce. This substance is extremely hard, and even the most heavy weaponry does not appear capable of destroying it, although tremendous weapons such as a black hole likely could still crush it into a singularity. This metal is notable for having been used in the construction of the Galactic Federation base on the planet Norion.

It has been suggested that the planet's biomorphs may have a connection to the Bounty Hunter Gandrayda.


  • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (First mentioned)

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